Saturday, August 23, 2014

Fans Of The Kentucky Ophthalmologist Need Glasses

 It's sad when your career has been torpedoed in the womb by Rachel Maddow 

Matt Drudge seems to be trying to needlessly rev up the base again - with lies - and this well-placed link for the day: 


"I think we're going to win this thing!"

Of course, black's eyes have already been opened, and - like his boy, Paul Ryan - he's toast:

But whites, like Paul, don't always understand that in-the-moment,..

The Reason Al Sharpton Is More Popular Than The GOP

Here's always there - while whites are always not

He gives blacks the support we need - when whites won't - which is usually when whites make problems for blacks,...

The NRO's Case Against Eric Holder's Civil Rights Suit

The Ferguson Police Dept. Doesn't Think They're Protecting & Serving Human Beings

Calling blacks animals doesn't show a "racial overtone" - that's what racists have always been known to do and think:

The Police Officer In Question, Darren Wilson, Has Had Immediate KKK Support

A country with a 400-year record of avoiding it's racist past and historic inclinations will be easy to prove - with the KKK's help.

The Ferguson Police Dept. Has Been Killing And Threatening Innocents Forever

It's great that some whites are "colorblind" - they can't see what's coming.

Paul Ryan's New Opponent Actually Knows Paul Ryan

Rob Zerban has the Wisconsin 2012 VP nominee's number:

And there's NOTHING about that position that says "American"....

Separated At Birth: Don Lemon And Thomas L. DuBois

Don Lemon 

A cartoon black man on television who is not trusted by blacks

Thomas Lancaster DuBois

A cartoon black man on television who is not trusted by blacks

The GOP Helped Obama Kill Two Birds With One Stone

Has anyone else noticed the Republicans didn't openly start calling blacks stupid, and saying the Mexicans are going to be taking all of our jobs, until AFTER the GOP lost the coveted hispanic vote to Obama?

So, wouldn't that also mean the Republicans already KNEW the effects of what they were doing previously, but they just weren't going to tell blacks, who they were also determined (at the time) to win over?

They're pathetic - and liars:

Politically speaking, they simply can't hit a rock with the side of a barn,...

Friday, August 22, 2014

Playing The Victim? (And Who Said Anybody's Playing?)

The situation is no different from today except for the clothes - still lying

First Talib Kweli brought it up, now The Guardian's got it - everyone but the average white American, for some reason:

And don't forget to say blaming blacks is for our own good:

Whites are well-known for just trying to help,...

Ferguson Police Deciet: Michael Brown Paid For Cigars

And he even did it politely. The liquor store owners never called the police - about a "strong-arm robbery" or any other kind - because nothing happened. 

They're shocked the young man is dead,..

More Rye Observations (From The Blog With No Bread)

Rock, rock, the planet - ROCK - Get It? No? Really? 

This morning, the first private email in TMR's box was a joy, and it contained a warning for others - listen to TMR:

"For what it's worth: I really appreciate your commentary. I also remember your history. 

Back in the Day (around 08 or so), you gave two very good pieces of advice, one of which I followed, the other of which I didn't (to my detriment):

1.) Watch out for urban kebab places: I did that. What you said about how dirty they could be was totally correct. I found decent family restaurants, which were couscouses that served kebabs; never a standup kebab place. 

2.) Beware of New Age. Now, back in the US, I'm dealing with medical issues due to "homeopathic" quack treatment that I took in France, because I was in pain, and it was August. (Oy.) 

I wish the best to you. Wish I could support you better.”

TMR is now an Afro-desiac to whites on race

Not much to add to that (TMR wrote back privately) except - to understand quackery AND to build up the proper level of skepticism - readers should check out: 

He's white, and English, with a German name - Maybe Crack's right!

Dr. Edzard Ernst. For instance, his topic today is "Another dodgy study of homeopathy," which is how the English talk - the shit's "dodgy" - which makes it sound kind of cool. But it's not. 

Life is filled with things that "sound kind of cool" but it's not.

Remember "The Artful Dodger"? (Not remember, remember, but remember?) It's like that. But bad art. Really, really badd

If a man owns a pocket comb he's probably a Republican - Good to know!

 Another great resource is Penn Jillette's (?) "What's The Harm?"  There readers can get a glimpse at the worst - before it happens - and head trouble off at the pass. 

Here to help - 100%

As far as "support" goes, it's not all about money. Write - let TMR know it did you some good - which does TMR good:

Some will only be impressed, by displays of originality, over time

There was a time when very few thought The Macho Response would ever be seen as correct, on anything, because - they said - the topics being taken on, like NewAge, were "too big."

This was the very first time TMR was glad to see Dr. Oz on television

That hurt - a lot - right up until the tide started turning. But it did.

Yeah, you heard me - You're the white one.

So now the topic is race - specifically the white one.

Whoa - this blog's about problems arising from cultish thinking - Wait a minute!


"Too fucking big" leads, naturally, to a picture of Dirk Diggler - that's all you get about art - Think

So check it, shout to someone there's a blog they can trust, whether they'll like the style (or positions taken) or not. That alone *might* bring TMR something more, some day. You never know.

You don't have a country unless somebody's got your back

Right now - at this very moment - just hearing of someone else's actual benefit (yes, even a white person's) is more-than-enough to keep going,...

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Whoa - First Ben Carson & Now John McWhorter Have "Left The Plantation" As The Republicans Like To Say

Ice Cube: The Nigga U Love To Hate - which is YOUR problem

Two blacks, beloved by the Right, appear to be looking into the fires of Ferguson and, finally, understanding that there's more going on here than meets the eye - AND that the price being asked of black Americans is still too damned high:

And to hate on America, which is responsible for us all,...

Don Lemon (White's Favorite Black) Met Hip-Hop Full-On

Don had to stop Talib Kweli after he got the words "white supremacy" on American national television.

Mission accomplished,...

The Reasons Cops & The Media Have Given For Killing Blacks Would Be Enough To Make Any Dictator Proud

The best example TMR could think of, for murder, compared to American whites

Presented with Un so the reasoning ability, being used, is clear: 

He smoked marijuana at some point in his life

Marijuana made him crazy

There are pictures of him making "gang signs"

She shoplifted from Wal-Mart

He wore a grill sometimes

He was committing a petty crime

She was intoxicated

He was jaywalking

He was playing loud music

He kinda looked like that other guy

He was a graffiti artist

He accidentally startled a cop

His wallet looked like a gun

She was bipolar and schizophrenic

He had a juvenile record

He touched his waist area

She was double parked and her cell phone looked like a gun

American Conservatives Have A Killer Instinct 4 Politics

Whites brought slaves to America so their Overseers can reach us whenever they want

"It’s racism, not 'principled conservatism': The South, civil rights, GOP myths — and the roots of Ferguson

True GOP believers insist their small government beliefs have nothing to do with race. They're deluding themselves "

Yesterday, TMR watched as the same white American conservatives, who've long-claimed they're nothing like their barbaric racist ancestors, started to weary of the injustice in Missouri and moved to openly making sorta-proud noises about their ability to kill blacks (and the poor) for sport. 

White culture's thought process - to others - is as unique as it's standard of beauty

And, they didn't just brag about having the hardware, but more importantly (because it goes right to understanding who "the American People," indeed, are, today) they put TMR on notice they've still got the necessary software as well:

White masculinity, in real life, doesn't look (or intimidate) like it does in movies, riot gear

Like a lot of sick and screwy ideas over history, turning blacks to "fertilizer" came to this white guy so easily, it's hard not to believe our government intentionally allowed Nazis into this hemisphere to breed. Unfortunately, like white's role in slavery, why anyone would want to disbelieve it, is a mystery: 

This country is full of mean, ornery, white people with guns. And, unlike the urban blacks who can't seem to hit the broad side of building, the rural & suburban honkies practice shooting."

"Port," "Starboard," "Aft" - who gives a shit? Stay home.

Mass murder's been white culture's "bright idea" (and natural inclination) since before Christopher Columbus ran-through a Native American child to "show" his sword to the others (who, he later wrote, "would make fine servants,..."). One look at history and you know, instantly, it's what they do. So why bicker with it?

"Governments scolded by the United States over their human rights records have seized on racial unrest and a police crackdown in the Missouri town of Ferguson to wag their fingers back in disapproval."

Since servants rarely like slavery, their master's concerns eventually go up in smoke

TMR thinks conservative whites are once again "publicly developing their social skills" because they're slowly starting to figure out blacks will never fit into their "happy" mediated Brady Bunch version of reality, which - without the ritual spilling of black's blood - couldn't even (partially) exist:

"Sorry, er, my hands are tied."

TMR finds it highly entertaining, how - over the centuries - conservative whites have developed no inclination to stand on the side of the oppressed, but can immediately conjure visions of white Americans engaged in a genocide - turning people to fertilizer as the Nazis did - as though their bloodlust is but a film trailer, screaming, "Coming Soon!

"Be forewarned that the video shows a man being shot repeatedly and killed. Due to its disturbing nature some readers may prefer to skip watching it entirely."

After decades of Nazi films, teaching the ethics of political right and wrong, they still don't envision themselves heroically saving anyone. But the rivers of blood that would be freed - never the people - as they stand idly by and watch us suffer for them? Not-a-problem for the white imagination at work.

"Good" is when whites get their way and "Bad" is when they don't

"Police officer who shot Michael Brown suffered fractured eye socket, friend says "

Conservative whites elevate their ideology (and themselves for accepting it) so high, in their own minds, they're the only ones who don't see how low they fall. They're Hitler in the bunker, eternally.

Apocalyptic - and that's been true for as long as this nation's existed:

We look at whites, we look at history, we look at whites again

Fortunately, TMR (now) is, that's been waaay too fucking long,...

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Bill O'Reilly Starts To Losing His Cookies On Television

Blacks are simply driving the man too far

This has to be one of the funniest performances by Bill O'Reilly that TMR has ever seen. He claims blacks are bringing dishonor on Michael Brown - except nobody black feels like he's being dishonored in the least. Bill claims a lot of crap. It's Bill. And we love him, because he's hilarious, like your dad when drunk: 

Hell, we wouldn't have The Colbert Report without him,...

Eric Holder Is In Missouri For Michael Brown: Is It Time For "A Nation Of Cowards" To Finally Learn It's Limits?

How scared - of a single unarmed black man - do armed white males have to be to behave like this?

Whites are sending some pretty clear signals they have no idea what's going on. Nothing they're trying is working. Except for killing people. 

Eric Holder is a classic "Race Man"

And now the Attorney General who said, racially, this is "a nation of cowards" is there - and he's not about to let black people down:

This is indeed "something with some history to it," and that history is exactly what whites desperately want to avoid, seeing America's history of slavery, etc., as their ancestors once saw uncharted waters:

That way be dragons,...

Don Lemon (White's Favorite Black) Discovers Racism

His producer doesn't lie - only other black people would do that,...

To Protect & To Serve - As A Serious Warning Of Danger

Someone Outside Of FOX News' Demographic Heard It

Go on, conservative reporters, we dare you:

Try minimizing how we fight for our rights - by calling our tactics "child's play" right in front of us - and implying it's white guys who decide black's political legitimacy.

You'll finally find out what TMR stands for - quick,...

The Problem With America Is It Never Wanted To Exist

The fact is, for blacks, America's been one gigantic rip-off on terror. And, if there's nothing to be done about it, that's because whites don't want to do anything about it.

And - despite white's bullshit stories of ancient glory - such cruelty, between people raised together, is simply no basis for a country,...