Saturday, October 25, 2014

White Americans Want The Same Thing Communists Did And Will Insist It's Our Common Cultural Heritage

"And so it was necessary to teach people not to think and make judgements. To compel them to see the non-existent, and to argue the opposite of what was obvious to everyone." 

 - Boris Pasternak, Dr. Zhivago 

 With this background, it doesn't surprise me white Christian America partnered with Stalin to fight Hitler, as they were also lynching blacks back home with no outcry.

America's love for the NewAge, today, fits in quite nicely as well,...

White Women Are Entitled (To Be Mentally Oppressed)

Above are Amy Poehler’s words, said to Jimmy Fallon, that made her a hero to Tina Fey and Slate’s Amanda Hess - words that definitely wouldn’t have endeared her to whites, under any circumstances, as a black person - and probably would’ve resulted in the loss of her job.

Fey actually brags about those words in her revealingly-titled book, “Bossypants,“ (For comparison, Indian American Mindy Kaling’s book is called, “Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?”) but we’re still supposed to buy Ann Althouse’s blonde bullshit about sexism being as big of a hinderance to white women’s lives as race is to blacks. Here are some of Poehler’s chapter titles:

“Say Whatever You Want”; “Do Whatever You Like”; “Be Whoever You Are.”

I guess, along with everything else they assume about the races they avoid, blonde’s think we still can’t understand that we can’t do any of those things,...without white's interference.

No, you see, what whites understand is, it’s still their place to educate everyone else - as they used to bring us Jesus - for our own good, of course. Their ultimate advice, repeated endlessly to me online and off, is to do as white’s do (“C’MON, WHO HASN’T CHEATED?”) as though challenging white people is in Dale Carnegie’s “How To Win Friends And Influence People.” Check out this quote:
”Women are still underrepresented as writers, directors, and stars of comedy, but the few women who have clawed to prominence on TV can find a comfortable perch in the publishing world.”

Hell, considering how whites have maneuvered themselves since the Grammy’s - putting whites in even Rap’s top spots - blacks can’t be said to have a “comfortable perch” anywhere whites exist. And (here’s the kicker) their dislike increases as long as we mention it. “I don’t fucking care if you like it,” indeed.

“This sounds okay, but not as good as Tina Fey’s book. Why isn’t this more like Tina Fey’s book?”
- Mindy Kaling

“I cannot change the fact that I am an American White Woman” Poehler writes, while Fey filled her book with “practical tips on how to make it in a male-dominated workplace.” Is there a writer of color that features such sentiments today? Who could? Women outnumber men, but somehow, the white ones seem to forget I’m-the-minority-who-pushes-people-around-and-you-can-too is just begging for that 6 to 1 white blowback, while white women can, and do, get applause (mostly from other white women) for even thinking it. And now they even demand blacks join in.

“When did you fall in love with Amy Poehler?” Slate’s Amanda Hess asks, as though it’s a given everyone has done so. As though Poehler, or Tina Fey, have done anything as endearing, striking, or influential, as Eddie Murphy’s work on SNL. Even when including 30 Rock, they haven’t. They’re just there - which is an accomplishment - but hardly worthy of the assumption of universal admiration or acclaim.

Like Althouse bragging that the repulsive Rush Limbaugh (of all people) mentioned her attacks on Obama, these white women stand for little besides their own celebrity, causing Hess to say “Poehler’s naming of her nanny is framed as a brave reveal” (revealed: a white woman has a nanny!) while “other subjects are just deflected.” Of course they are, because white women can play it safe. What’s on the line for them? Falling back to #2 in the white world? Heavens to Betsy. Hess also adds “lowered stature frees” white women “for more straight talk.”

Well, there’s no one lower than blacks in America, unless you include “a virginal college-aged Fey scrambling up a Virginia mountain at night in a desperate bid to get laid by a terrible guy.”

Somehow, after all the black books I’ve read - compared to just living in the obliviousness of white folks - that’s rarely been blacks, or even black women’s, problem. As that quote reveals, it’s white’s awful life choices that are. Hess asks a great question at the end of her piece:

“When Lena Dunham inked a deal for her own comedy/memoir/advice book, at age 26, she was criticized for her hubris: Why would such a young woman think she had anything meaningful to say?”

I’ll let you guess what the answer is from where blacks sit,…

Ann Althouse's Kid Is As Dumb As She Is If He Thinks I Don't Know When He's Trying To Lie Out Of His Ass

Althouse has a running joke. At least, Ann treats it as a joke:

Whenever someone discovers she's not too bright, or deeply immoral, at some point they scream "And you, a law professor!"

Ann thinks it's funny, or rebellious, destroying any respect we held for her position before we discovered she's the type who holds it.

It seems to be what whites want to do to America as a whole.

I mention this because Ann put a quote about prejudice on her blog today - from her son, John Althouse Cohen - and it's clear the apple hasn't fallen far from the stupid tree: 

Notice anything missing from this formulation? Of course, just like the racist whites who gather at Ann's for their daily black-bashing (with no pushback, as she regularly does for "women's issues") John Althouse Cohen gives no indication there's a white history of black oppression what-so-ever. He doesn't see the problem as what whites have been doing wrong for centuries - for no good reason - but that the people whites have been doing it to (the descendents of American slaves) are being just like everyone else in every way. We blacks want, so badly, to join whites in acting despicably. He even starts his riff with a quote from a Scientologist - one of the most oppressive and exploitive groups imaginable.

Why, if blacks were in John Althouse Cohen's shoes, we'd be re-writing history for our own convenience, too! Fuck our educations, fuck our elder's moral guidance, fuck everything - BLACKS JUST WANT TO BE EVIL TO WHITES SO BAD!

So, according to this law professor's son - a law professor's son! - there's been no stolen bodies (so no accumulated pain) no stolen money (so no accumulated poverty) no lies (so no accumulated lack of trust) no mass incarceration (resulting in massive disenfranchisement) no nothin' (and, thus, no reason for black's anger at, even, such an evil thing as what John Althouse Cohen is proposing). Blacks are just looking for trouble, as whites have done, with Ann, and her kid, and everybody else who's white and openly living off the wealth stolen from blacks (and now desperately trying to run out the clock on the crimes) being saints suffering unprovoked attacks. Why, "If they'd been born long ago, they might have vented against women or blacks instead."

Yeah, the history of blacks attacking blacks "long ago" is legendary - Harriet Tubman (a woman last time I checked) led the way.

My GOD, white people's stupidity is equaled only by their attempts to be self-servingly disingenuous,...  

Friday, October 24, 2014

Just Whose Side Are You On? ("Lena Dunham's Race Problem" Is A Sign Of Possible Dark Times To Come)

And you thought it was just Ann Althouse in the dock

As usual, I'm ahead of a trend, this one being calling out American white women for their arrogant narcissism in the face of black's oppression. Following my lead is Rebecca Carroll, a black woman who thinks the "Girls" girl ain't pulling her substantial (and usually seen naked) weight:

Do these two look like they need a white woman's "help"?

Some feminism these white women have. "An insult to black women artists." And (like Ann's assumption that SHE will determine how black men and women should interact towards one another, according to white feminist dictates, currently known for breaking up more couples than bonding them) they're an insult to blacks altogether.

"Wait - I'm not the center of the world - or even American life?"

There's something absolutely repulsive to the formally entitled-for-centuries white woman about hearing from blacks that (because she and her shallow outlook are part of America's race problem) her new role is to either help fix it or shut-the-fuck-up. Repulsive because, except at the end of slavery, she's never truly faced a challenge like this before. 

Blacks today have little reason to find her attractive, or iconic of anything, beyond betrayal. She and her way of "thinking" are no one's ideal. Not even the white man's, because her feminist stance chased all but the most passive away, nursing a premature ejaculation problem so common the so-called "cures" are now advertised on TV, along with the other various (collective) anxiety medicines shared by white men and women alike, especially Mormons. Fuck 'em all. And get a clue:

Where was the white woman's courage when white men were taking black wealth - on her behalf?

No one owes white people allegiance to anything. They owe us a society premised on the ideals they themselves said were worthy. If they can't, we have no use for them, and will show them so - by any means at hand:

Angela Davis has had little time for white women's bullshit

Considering America's changing demographics, and the fact blacks are again on the march, white women - with an aversion to violence not shared by blacks, who have been forced to endure it at their hands, and that of their "Brown Sugar" cheating husbands - would do well to ensure it's not a boot stamping on her (finally) human face forever,...

Awww: Seattle Killing Makes Whites Upset (What Whites Did To Blacks For Centuries? Not So Much)

Wipe your eyes, Dear, at least it's not like this for the entirety of your life 

Another mass shooting at an American school, making whites cry - my heart bleeds. Meanwhile, all whites can do is continue trying to justify the many deaths they've imposed on blacks, as another "good kill" that's well-deserved. 

 Well, so are their deaths - because we want everything to be "equal," right?

Mark Twain's Letter To An Alternative Medicine Man Is Still True Today (And Goes Double For Their Marks)

Dear Sir,

Your letter is an insoluble puzzle to me. The handwriting is good and exhibits considerable character, and there are even traces of intelligence in what you say, yet the letter and the accompanying advertisements profess to be the work of the same hand. The person who wrote the advertisements is without doubt the most ignorant person now alive on the planet; also without doubt he is an idiot, an idiot of the 33rd degree, and scion of an ancestral procession of idiots stretching back to the Missing Link. It puzzles me to make out how the same hand could have constructed your letter and your advertisements. Puzzles fret me, puzzles annoy me, puzzles exasperate me; and always, for a moment, they arouse in me an unkind state of mind toward the person who has puzzled me. A few moments from now my resentment will have faded and passed and I shall probably even be praying for you; but while there is yet time I hasten to wish that you may take a dose of your own poison by mistake, and enter swiftly into the damnation which you and all other patent medicine assassins have so remorselessly earned and do so richly deserve.

Adieu, adieu, adieu!

Mark Twain

When Good Whites Prove Whites Have Become Idiots Who No Longer Understand Taste Or The Value Of $

Few blacks could've pulled off a scam like this - but whites rarely suspect whites of anything

Let this be a lesson to all those silly, wasteful, insane Whole Foods shoppers, forcing the poor to pay top dollar for food now:

I like being right - no matter how long it takes to prove it,...

White Women Are Totally Oblivious To The Harm They Caused (And Still Perpetuate) Within Western Society

"Why do black women talk about white privilege? Isn't the issue male privilege?"

White women are part of the problem:

For example, if a white woman is too dense to understand the science behind ebola (to the point where she prematurely loses her bobble head and - before an almost totally white audience - declares "it's time to panic") and then publicly blames a black person for her own stupidity without ever offering a retraction of her claim, it's not a stretch to say that particular white woman is a danger to blacks:

Ann Althouse is a danger to blacks,...

Things I Thought Law Professors Were Concerned About Before (Like Ebola) I Was Exposed To Law Professors And Started Feeling Really, Really Sick

Some poor shmuck, praying whites will come to their senses - not going to happen 

 I know - we just weren't educated enough, by whites, to appreciate how much more important their needs are than ours: 

After witnessing how white women lie, steal, and get away with murder, I should've known they'd also assume assisting them was supposed to be everyone else's main concern in life,...

It's Fitting That A Slave Owner, Racist, And Rapist, Said "The Pursuit Of Happiness" Is What America's About