Thursday, October 30, 2014

A Black Man Speaks On That Viral "Catcalling" Video

Is expecting me to cross the street - for her - better or worse treatment?

White women are having such a terrible time, compared to black men, it's easy to see why this is an "important issue" to Althouse (women outnumber men 51% to 49 and whoop and holler for any man they want) and white's racism isn't (whites outnumber blacks 6 to 1). Not that anyone would do this to ol' blonde hippie pieface:


It's really breaks our hearts to see the difference up-close,...

White's Law Enforcement Officers Are Hating Cameras

"Law enforcement officers see the American public as their slaves,..."

Nothing new there:

The American police force started as slave catchers, depriving people of freedom for money.

Weird that we never changed these assholes role in society,...

Why "Act Like White People" Is Really Bad Advice

White disregard, of the pain whites cause blacks, starts young

Ann and Meade - and their white readers - have repeatedly said to act like white people, but I don't listen to them:

White Americans also have a long history of violence—not only when asked to share residential space with African Americans or even to treat them as equals in schools or on the job, but also when nary a person of color is near. From the lynching of blacks in the Jim Crow era to the crimes committed against African Americans every time they tried to move onto a white block after World War Iand World War II, ugly incidents of white violence were both regular and unremarkable. Even among those who look just like them, whites historically have engaged in a variety of violent behaviors that would make many shudder—from their propensity to engage in brutal duels and to “eye gouge” their fellow whites in the decades before the Civil War, to their involvement in mass shootings in more recent years.

Whites also "eye gouged" black kids pretty regularly:

White people are the worst examples of non-violence in America,...

Hello! Racism Causing White Men To Lose Their Jobs

Three in a row - and a wrongly convicted black man getting out of prison after missing 15 years of voting - and white law professor Ann Althouse sees race as nothing important driving this election

When race becomes important, a white feminist will tell you,...

White Race Expert: "Race Not Important This Election"

I had assumed the scary clowns out there were white men

You know, when a white law professor openly endorses a candidate involved in black voter suppression tactics, and then says ”Race has not been a sufficiently important issue in this election, and nothing is happening right now to drive it forward,” you are dealing with a terrible white law professor.

Or simply a baldfaced liar.

Ann Althouse, you are literally clowning yourself,…

Ann Althouse's Most Worthless Words In A Blog Post

Meade might be driving this change

Six little words, revealing the nothing-is-what-it-is, fruitloop conspiracy mind-set she's devolved into:

Who cares when you're a fool?

Oh yeah - other white racist conspiracy nuts.


"It's Time To Panic": Ann Althouse Jumps The Gun On Scaring Whites About Ebola - Ignores White Dangers

Somebody has to stop white people before they kill again:

Notify racist Whole Foods Ann Althouse is NOT on the case,...

White Wisconsin Law Professor Still Misses The Point Of her Being A White Wisconsin Law Professor (Or Not)

Ann Althouse apparently teaches the wonders of how this keeps happening to blacks 

 This fact, of Ann Althouse's chosen profession, seems waaay more important than sexism from over here:

But not to Althouse,...

No Diggity: Althouse "Support" For Kansas City Bombs - Twice: There Was A Huge Plane Crash In Kansas

 Attacks on black men, rooting for racists, racially-edited sexism videos - all that: 

 I think it's best if Ann Althouse started keeping her support to herself,...

Ooops: "Funny Or Die" Thinks White Women Like Ann Althouse Are Fucking With The Wrong Catcalling Guys

What's funny is how white women edited out white men - the one group of men who've abused them for centuries - in their attacks.

Or it isn't:

It seems - no matter what point whites think they're making - they have a really hard time spotting their racism to blacks.

That's one reason why we should deal with that - before sexism:

White women are a big part of the problem,...


Althouse posts the video - no mention it's about white guys,...