Thursday, June 29, 2017

Twitchy Tells A Lie (Not That Anyone Cares)

“Socialized medicine KILLS: Parents of terminally ill baby in UK lose final appeal to try and save his life”

This is all bullshit. The kid is brain-dead already and the experimental "treatment" is quackery.

Twitchy should try fighting honestly for a change. It would make all that Right-Wing promotion worth it.

I Think They're All Too Stoned To Figure This Out Immediately

“More Millennials Are Having Strokes: A Scientific American analysis finds this trend differs based on where one lives”

The connection to legalizing pot will emerge in 5,...4....3...2...

The Perfect Cold Beverage For Catching A Little Bit Of Rachel Maddow In Peace

“A BBC investigation has found bacteria from faeces in Starbucks, Costa, and Caffe Nero iced drinks”

Shitty coffee? Hey - Liberal newscasts do the same to their viewers, daily, without complaint.

Glenn Reynolds Knows One Reality And It's The White People's He Defends Daily

“SYMBOLIC OF THE LEFT’S STRUGGLE AGAINST REALITY: New Christopher Nolan WWII Movie ‘Dunkirk’ Portrays White People as White, Runs Afoul of Diversity Police.”

Whites (like Glenn Reynolds) complaining like this miss the point: WWII lasted for 12 years, and yet whites make movie after movie about it. Meanwhile, American slavery lasted for 250+ years, and whites just can't seem to find the funding or ideas to make more than 1 film a year, if that, about it. And whites never go for realism (when was the last time you saw a slave in rags, or going insane, or suffering with dental or medical problems?) but dress it all up in bullshit. THAT'S what blacks think about, as whites pour more money into their myth making, about themselves - AGAIN.

Narcissism isn't only a Leftist concern.

Monday, June 26, 2017

The Democrats Are Such Good Liars They Can Now Turn Any Story Upside-Down

Democrats are, literally, gunning Americans down - and beating them up in the street - as they say it's the Republicans who don't care about our health.


When the same people who will sell you a vial of "homeopathic" water for $30.00 try to claim they can explain healthcare, just walk-the-fuck-away

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Studies Show The Most "Free Spirited" Are The Easiest To Make Swallow Bullshit

“Yoga continues to cast its spell on both practitioners and those toying with falling in line,...”

The only way cultism makes sense to me is when I remember the Dead Kennedys made California Uber Alles and The Butthole Surfers liked "the girls, and the money, and the shame of life".

Put them together and that's when I go, "Huh - Yoga."

Let's Face It: "Spirits In The Material World" Are Bullet Proof To Facts Or Reason

“This science-free vaccination noise comes from health-care practitioners, especially those in the complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) community. Not every practitioner pushes an anti-vaccine perspective. But, let’s face it, many do. This must stop.”

Or else you'll do and say nothing, until somebody else dies, and probably not even then. Oooh, the vultures are so scared.

They just hang around the dead all day...

If This Doesn't Heal You It's Only Because You're Still Not Believing Hard Enough

“I love saying homeopathy works. But it has never been shown to work...There are many things that work as placebo, but it’s not ethical selling them as a cure. I would have a bit more time for it if there was a plausible theory behind it, but its basis is entirely implausible – it pushes all the buttons for being a pseudoscience,...I am at a bit of a loss to understand why they haven’t carried that logic over into complementary medicines generally.”

The Left can grapple with any idea but the cultism running through it, causing whole sections of liberal society to behave in all these obvious ways (people who HAVE to do yoga, HAVE to take homeopathic concoctions, or HAVE to engage with illogical NewAge beliefs and dangerous pseudoscience, etc.) leaving the rest wondering "why they haven’t carried that logic over" into all aspects of their lives - like their supposed-love for science, or how to grow voter registration rolls.

The Left's cult is trapped in a homeopathic preparation of it's own making - with expected results.

Happiness: No Guru, Healer, Life Coach, Or Motivational Speaker, Necessary